About Us

The Advisory Group has been going since 1996. It was originally set up by KEY Community Supports to enable people with learning disabilities to have a stronger voice in the services they use and in their local communities.

In 2012 The Advisory Group became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We have 3 mains aims:

  • To promote the gifts and talents of people with learning disabilities.
  • To break down the barriers of discrimination.
  • And to help make a more inclusive Scotland.

The Advisory Group is an organisation run by people with learning disabilities. It promotes social inclusion and the creation of a Scotland where the gifts and talents of everyone are recognised and every citizen is seen to have equal value in society.

We do this through training, consultation, hosting social inclusion events and bringing people together.

There are 9 regional Advisory Groups working across Scotland. These are:

As we develop this website you will be able to find out about all the great things happening in your area.

Keep popping in to see how our website develops.